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Chapter III - Part 2 matter who.....
    It was Hecate, my mind was flooded with thoughts, why is she here, what does she want, when she came here, did she corrupted this woman, and she's using her as a host, or it's her camouflage? I wasn't only one who recognized her. The second one was a Celestia. But instead of my curiosity and anger, she was scared, this demon had to do something to her, or her relatives. This situation should be explained between me, Hecate and Celestia.
   "Beria, get the ponies out. Give them a bedchamber, and something to eat. Celestia and Alexandra are staying here."
   "But comrade. This is absurdnyy. Are you letting this ponies walk freely around the Kremlin? I recommend to lock them, or get rid of them!"
   "Did I heard, you're refusing to execute my orders?" My voice became cold and firm. I stood up, I was bigger than him, so he lost his self-assurance. "I know, your darkest secrets. I could reveal in front of the Supreme Soviet and the Cou
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Chapter III - Part I - Everyone can change........
    "And that's the end of the story. Thanks to the Hecate, I've become the Übermensch, and at the end of the war, I've become the general of the branch. I was one the most important officers in Red Army in a time of the Civil War, I was always asking myself, why I wasn't dying in tough battles, but now I understand everything."
   "I've met the humans once, in the time of my youthfulness." White alicorn started, looking at me. Her voice was reflective, there was also a note of bitterness. "You were always more advanced than us, lack of magic forced you to search new ways of solving a problems. Your science and technology helped you a lot, but also," She looked at me with contempt. "turned you into ruthless monsters, who were killing each other. I came to your world as a young mare with my husband, in the period of your history, called the Middle Ages. This, as I thought, adventure turned into a complete disaster. We were attacked by a group of bandits, wh
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Soyuz by LordStalinV2 Soyuz :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 39 3 Stalin by LordStalinV2 Stalin :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 31 2
Twilight of the Hegemon - Chapter I
It was warm, May day of 2012, streets was filled with people, wearing shorts and T-shirts, contrasting with recently dropped winter clothing. Some went out for a walk with their faithful quadrupeds, corporate employees dressed in suits were heading to their cars, or bus stops, to go to work. People who had a vacation, or weren't limited by a predetermined schedule, were spending this day actively, running or cycling. Younger people, or students, strolled freely, listening to music or looking round, and larger groups were discussing among themselves. Everyone was thinking about the oncoming weekend and journey to the bosom of nature. Everfree Forest after long debates became protected by Mayor's decree, so it was a perfect place to escape from urban noises.
Students started coming to one of the biggest high schools in the city, Canterlot High. Despite many events, which happened in walls of this schools, no one decides to leave. Friendship has formed, among many of them, everyone finds
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Hegemony Directorate by LordStalinV2 Hegemony Directorate :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 4 0 Victory Parade by LordStalinV2 Victory Parade :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 25 3 Germania by LordStalinV2 Germania :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 53 28 Equestria Girls Map by LordStalinV2 Equestria Girls Map :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 30 10 Assault on Winter Palace by LordStalinV2 Assault on Winter Palace :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 9 2 Mane 6 Ancestors by LordStalinV2 Mane 6 Ancestors :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 13 1 EASR Flag by LordStalinV2 EASR Flag :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 6 2
Chapter VI - Scraps of the past
*When we came to Moscow Hospital, I grabbed Chrysalis and took her to Main Hall. Celestia came with me, Luna and Sombra stayed in the car. Fortunately, it was empty inside. I went to reception and asked about the right doctor. After 5 minutes of waiting, a young medic walked from the cabinet. He was delighted. He never saw a creature like that. He asked me about some "medical" researchers, but I refused. I knew how this kind of "research" could end, and it wouldn't be pleasant. Monakhov, that's how this doctor was called, took Chrysalis to his consulting room, with the intention of examining her. When the door was closed, we sat in reception, and I asked Tia to finish her story.*
- As you wish Stalin. As I said, Coalition was founded by an alliance of Griffon Domain and the Republic. Before the outburst, Sunset Shimmer, my former pupil came back.
- She was your student before the Twilight, right? What made her so special?
- Her magic potential was even bigger than Twilight's one. - She
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Mature content
Chapter V - Lubyanka :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 1 0
Ashes of the old world Cover by LordStalinV2 Ashes of the old world Cover :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 0 0 Blood and Honour Cover by LordStalinV2 Blood and Honour Cover :iconlordstalinv2:LordStalinV2 3 0

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    It was Hecate, my mind was flooded with thoughts, why is she here, what does she want, when she came here, did she corrupted this woman, and she's using her as a host, or it's her camouflage? I wasn't only one who recognized her. The second one was a Celestia. But instead of my curiosity and anger, she was scared, this demon had to do something to her, or her relatives. This situation should be explained between me, Hecate and Celestia.

   "Beria, get the ponies out. Give them a bedchamber, and something to eat. Celestia and Alexandra are staying here."

   "But comrade. This is absurdnyy. Are you letting this ponies walk freely around the Kremlin? I recommend to lock them, or get rid of them!"

   "Did I heard, you're refusing to execute my orders?" My voice became cold and firm. I stood up, I was bigger than him, so he lost his self-assurance. "I know, your darkest secrets. I could reveal in front of the Supreme Soviet and the Council." With every word, I was walking in his direction, forcing him to retreat. "I could replace you as a Commissar, you're thinking only about sex and women. Do you want me, to do it? No?" He was leaning against the wall, he shrunk into himself from fear. I decided to end this. "SO LISTEN TO MY ORDERS, OR YOU WILL END LIKE YAGODA, YEZHOW, AND ALL THESE OFFICERS WHICH YOU'VE KILLED! UNDERSTAND?!"

    "Y.... yes... t.... towarishch S... Stalin....." He nodded, shaking from fear. 

   "Good." I drawled. "And remember, if simple hair fall of their head, I will kill you personally."  When I turned my head, everyone instead of the Hecate was scared. Celestia was hugging Twilight, other bearers of the elements were clung to each other, even Flick hugged to his mother. 

   "Alright ponies." Beria spoke with a faltering voice. "Come with me, nothing wrong will happen to you."

   "I hope so." I answered with the cold voice.

   When the Mane 6 and Flick walked out, we could talk personally.

   "As I see, you didn't change a lot. The same raving madman, which I've met in my "kingdom." Hecate spoke self-confident.

   "What do you want? Why are you here?" Celestia was still paralyzed, so I embraced her with my hand.

    "No, please, anything but her....." Celestia whispered.

    "Don't be afraid, human, I'm not interested in your precious wars. Except the souls, which comes to the Hell. If you want to know, I'm here because I wanted to see, how much you've changed by this time. Also, I wanted to see my son. He wasn't able to come to me, so I decided to visit him personally. And don't worry, it's not a possesion, it's my camouflage." She looked at the Mother of the Sun. "Hi Celly, how our little deal has ended."

    " You dare you ask?! In the worst possible way. I don't know what you've done to him, but he became a monster." Celestia's voice became cold, she wasn't showing any signs of fear. 

    "I've only let him survive. You wanted a help, you summoned me, and I saved your husband. You should be thankful that I even wanted to help you."


    "Hold on a second! You mean, Sombra is your husband?!" I was baffled. I didn't know, shit goes down so fast. If I told her, her husband is locked in the dungeon, covered in bandages, she could beat shit out of me.

    "Yes, I've met him, in time of my parents' political journey to the Steel Kingdom." She spoke throught tears. "We became friends, later we got engaged, and then we got married. He was wonderful stallion, a powerful warrior, he could sacrifice himself for my good and good of my sisters. However, after our trip to an alternate human world, we were attacked by bandits, who almost killed both of us. Sombra killed them all, but paid a huge price for it, he nearly died. I was calling the creators, to don't let him die, after 2 days I thought, they left us. Then I found another way."

    Knowing, Creators won't help her, Celestia went to the Great Library, to the Restricted Section, searching for the ancient books with forbidden spells. One of them, treated about a powerful entity,a demon living in another dimension, unobtainable even for such powerful creatures as alicorns, who are a demigods. Equestrian Guardians, ancestors of the Founders of Equestria and bearers of Elements, tried to wean her away from this idea. However, this once time, life of her husband was more important than good of her subjects. Using her own blood, she summoned Hecate, and begged her, to save her love. Hecate listened to her beggs and using dark magic, cured Sombra's body. Then, she returned to her dimension, telling Celestia, she should be patient. After time, Sombra was corrupted by dark magic, killed his brother and his brother's wife, and after defeat, he banished the Crystal Empire 1000 years in future. 

    "Don't you think, you should let him die?" I spoke with emphaty. "If you would do that, he wouldn't be corrupted, and later he wouldn't kill your sister and his own brother. Sorry to say that....." I sighed. "But it's all your fault."

    "How could you say that?" Tears ran down her cheek, but her voice was cold and full of reproaches. "I loved him, I loved him with all my heart, I couldn't let him die. i was torn apart between good of my subjects and life of my husband. Have you ever had someone, who you cared for?"

    Her question was like hot iron impacted into my heart. Death of my first wife was one of the biggest tragedies in my life. Her death was unexpected, tuberculosis, which took away Ketevan, left me with my infant son, Yakow. Next woman in my life was, Nadezdha, she commited a suicide because of me. I was staring into the void for a moment, after this, I took a sip, and started to talk.

    "Yes, I had a wife. I met her in 1906. She was a wonderful person, warmful, full of kind and emphathy. Unfortunately, tuberculosis took her from this world. I was alone with my infant son, Yakov, I had to brign her family to Moscow, because of my studies, I hadn't time to take care of my son. With her died my last warm feelings for humanity."

    "So you know how hurtful loss of someone who you loved can be. I wasn't ready for this. The second time when I saw him dying, torn apart by Crystal Heart, I felt an ease, but at the same moment, I felt, like some part of me, has died. Only Luna, my younger sister, noticed, I became more melancholic. I wish I could change the past....." She sobbed.

    My doubts lasted only a second, I was aware, what Celestia can do, if she find out, her husband was tortured by NKVD. I took a deep breath and I spoke confident.

    "Don't worry my dear." I wiped her tears. "I have an information, which can heal your broken heart." She looked at me with hope in her eyes. "Sombra is safe. Kinda....."

    "WHERE IS HE?!" I've never heard so desperate shout. "I need to know! Joseph, if he's still alive, I can still reform him, he can be good again! Please tell me!" 

    "Alright Tia. Let me be straight. Sombra is here, locked in sows of the Grand Kremlin Palace."

"Would you kindly tell me, why my husband is locked in sows like my subjects BEFORE?!" Her voice became cold, I felt anger in it, it wasn't a voice of a loving equestrian mother, it was a voice of the ruthless and bloody tyrant, at the end she even started to shout.

    "Calm down Celestia, remember, I can put a bullet in yours, and yours' subjects heads, if you won't change your behaviours. They will be killed for insulting of the head of the state." To ensure her, I'm not joking, I pulled out my revolver. Seeing my intentions, her voice was again calm.

    "You wouldn't dare..." Her voice wasn't condifent anymore. "These mares are innocent, they don't deserve to die. You can't kill them without reason! Kill me instead of them!"

"Trust me, no one is innocent. You, I and your subjects made a lot of bad decisions and things in our lifes. But I apprecieate your sacrifice for these 6 mares. I won't kill you. Just. This. Once." I put the revolver in the inner pocket of my coat. Hecate, as I thought, wasn't interested in our conversation, Hecate was watching the decor, of the conference room. "Hecate, why you won't say anything?" I asked.

    "Oh, I'm just listening you." She spoke with diabolic smile. "Your politic is very succesful, you made a huge progress."

    "What do you mean exactly?"

    "Oh, that's really nothing." She spoke with fake approval. "You just guaranteed yourself a good place in deepest abyss of Hell. For beign a total jerk." 

    I lowered my gun, and looked at Hecate, like she was the biggest, the most retarded moron on Earth. Her expression, another diabolic smile, was telling me: "I know what you're thinking. I'm not joking." I decided to be calmer, cold-thinking and kind leader, like true Father of Nations.

     "Under what circumstances, Sombra was found here?" Knowing, I was tempered, Celestia asked me another question.

    " 5 years ago, I had a visitation in Vorkutlag. I was talking with the camp manager, then suddenly, crack in space appeared in front of me. Only thing which left from portal was a horn. Red, curved horn. I decided to move the horn to capital, where scientists could inspect it. They said it's living form, so I decided to lock him here. After 1 year, he was reborn as a dark coat alicorn with red eyes."

    "An alicorn? That's ridiculous. Nopony can change into alicorn by himself, not without the will of an another alicorn. Did your scientists told you, why he changed into alicorn?"

    "No. They created a lot of theories, how could this happen, but all of them turned into a complete failure. Except one. The research had shown there's other kind of cells in his body, similar to animal cells, but different." 

    "These are the demon cells. Demons are very similar to the animals, a lot of them have intelligence on the level of an predators, like lions, tigers, bears, some of them are intelligent as humans. I used th intelligent one. He entered the Sombra body, and started to repair it. However, this process had one side effect. Mutation caused a taking control over Sombra's brain by darkest elements of his subconscious. At last, in deep recesses of his mind, he was a monster. Demon only extracted his evil side. You mortals are good, because you're scared of us."

    I was listening Celestia's explanation about Sombra's case, her abilities to manipulate the matter were stupendous. However her theory about being good because of fear of being condemned, caused an argue between her and Celestia. Celestia, like a most part of philosophers believed humans are good because of their nature. Whole education was based on sharing the good habits, teaching the empathy and compassion. She knew a lot about it, as a mother, and tried to convince the Hecate, telling her, she's the same mother as her. Both of them didn't pay attention on my presence, so I walked out to bring Sombra here. Time for the reunion, I thought, buttoning my coat. Let's see, how much the Soviet Union broke you.


    End of Part II

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    World War I, The Great War. 5 years of bloody chaff, destroyed the Metternich Order, the order thanks to him, by 100 years, there wasn't any global or local war. Nothing was able to change the Metternich peace, not the Spring of Nation, nor the uprisings in occupied countries, nor the Unification of Italy and Germany, nor even the Balkan wars, where European Empires thought for their power. But from the 80 years of XIX century, Europe resembled the powder keg. Everything needed a little push. The turning point came on June 28 of 1914. In that day, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip. This event led to the outbreak of new war between Triple Alliance and Triple Entente. By 5 years Europe was torn apart by mortars and trenches. For everyone good, the second turning point was the joining of United States to the war. Fresh forces from America, landed in Europe and defeated Germany and Austria-Hungary. Russia was ousted from war. We had to deal with both revolution of 1917, and Civil War between White and Reds.

   28 June 1919. The signing of Treaty of Versailles. Triple Alliance was the biggest loser of the war. The great empires fell apart, the new states were created, another one like Poland, after a long time of occupation returned at the map of Europe. But two countries weren't happy with the results of Treaty. Weimar Republic ( new name of the Germany), and the Soviet Union. They started to work together, signing Treaty of Rapallo and Locarno Treaties. In 30's everyone started realizing that Treaty of Versailles is broken. Europe began to right-winging. In the Soviet Union, I started the great Purge, eliminating probable traitors and others.

   After being elected as Chancellor of Weimar Republic, Hitler started to weaponize his state. In 1936 as the Fuhrer of Third Reich, he joined the Rhineland to the Germany, after 2 years Anschluss took place. The breaking point was Munich Agreement, Reich joined Sudetenland, German-speaking part of Czechoslovakia, in 1939 he joined all. Only this time Europe realized that Hitler want to start the war, but it was too late. On 23 August 1939 in Moscow Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact was signed. Main assumption? Participation of Poland on the line of Vistula, Narew and San rivers (on 29 September the border was changed a bit), and division of Europe. The whole plan entered into force on a day of 1 September of 1939. In this day the new war started.

November 1941, Battle of Moscow.

    "All right Comrades Commanders, as you see, the situation is critical. Germans are near the Moscow, their chance for the win is increasing with every day. Comrade Georgy Konstantinovich, explain me the current situation."

    "Tak tochna Comrade Joseph Vissarionovich, the Wehrmacht are 15km from Moscow, but we are still able to win this battle. Panzerwaffe has worse tanks, Panzers despite their complexity aren't adapted to Russian conditions, soldiers themselves suffer from insufficient delivery of food and from frostbite caused by inadequate clothes. Our scouts report, among them, the acts of cannibalism has appeared."

  "Blyad, I did not expect such bestiality, even after them. Well, better for us. Comrades Zhukov and Rokossowski. You must stop the Wehrmacht and its allies at all costs. Moscow can not fail." I turned to Rokossowski. "By the way, Comrade Konstantin Konstantinovich, congratulations on success, while holding the command of the 16th Army. Your successes effectively prevented the conduct of enemy troops. Perhaps you are going to rank up, but now you have a duty to your homeland. General Zhukov brought new forces from the Urals. You divide them between yourself. If with the proper deployment of troops, you will effectively jam the Army Group, the victory should be within reach. Panimayet?"

  "Tak tochna Comrade Generalissimus. Accordingly forged experience from previous battles, will allow for an effective counteroffensive. You can be sure we'll push the Germans down to Berlin." That was the kind of man which I needed, confident, successful. After establishing the strategy, all generals marched away, leaving me alone in the Hall of Staff of the Grand Palace.

  In 1941, the pro-German Yugoslavian government of duke Paul I was overthrown by people favorable to the British. Of course, Mussolini wanted to show the Hitler, he can deal with traitors of Nazi Reich. He was wrong. The Duce army was crushed by Yugs and Greeks. Hitler was mad at Mussolini, he had to send about 300.000 troops. That slowed the planned attack, even when Operation Barbarossa plan was ready. When secret service told me about down plane, with two Germans, I set them free. I thought Hitler and I were still allies. I was so bloody wrong. The whole situation changed on 22 July 1941. 3 German's army groups attacked the Soviet Union. I couldn't believe that. I thought that was misunderstanding, but I reminded myself "Mein Kampf". The west territory of Soviet Union had to became a Lebensraum for Aryan Race. I was drinking by 3 days far behind Moscow in my private cottage. I was snatched away from my thoughts by Kaganovich, deputy prime minister of the USSR, and one of my most loyal people.

  "Comrade Stalin. The people want to meet with you in Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, their condition is worse than bad."

  "Well, if such is the will of people, I shouldn't oppose it." I smiled to myself. I put on a coat, going out, I turned to Kaganovich. "Wish me luck Lazarus, and remember, Svetlana has to be protected at all costs. By the way, Vasily must stop drinking." After these words, I went to the Cathedral. I refused the escorts, if the inhabitants of the besieged city were supposed to be lifted up, their leader had to show, they could find support for him

  After a short devotion, I stood at the altar. I spoke to the citizens, that this war will end, by the defeat of the Axis, I assure them, that brave Red Army will crush the Teutonic demons. In my statements, I didn't mention about the idea of communism, relied on Russian patriotism. When the speech was over, much calmer inhabitants sang the International, expressing deep patriotism. I felt a lot better, these people seemed to have forgotten about their struggles near their homes. When the last words came, I left the building.

  For another 2 months, we fought at stretch of 100 kilometers, pushing von Bock, far from Moscow. Every next move was coordinated with the commanders of the sub-units, when it was necessary, I was going personally to consult the next moves. The line of fortifications was moving more and more to the west, more and more enemy soldiers were moving back. Finally, after long struggles, in January the Germans abandoned their offensive and started retreating. Talking to soldiers at January 7, Kaganovich ran to me.

  "Comrade, we have an urgent situation. During your absence, the strange creatures appeared in the Kremlin. You have to go see it."

  I didn't intend to underestimate his words, saying goodbye to the soldiers, I went with Kaganovich.

  I walked with Kaganovich through the Red Square, talking with him.

  "So what creatures are these?"

  "They're ponies. Colorful ponies. "

  "What?!" It was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. "You want to tell me, that you're interrupting my conversation with soldats, just because of some bloody little horses?!"

  "B.... but comrade...."

  "Shut up!!!! Do you want to be executed for insulting the head of the state?!"

  "N... No..... But Stalin believes me, I'm telling the truth. I swear on Lenin, that in Grand Hall, ponies has appeared. Additionally, they're able to talk." He emphasized every last word.

  I analyzed his world by a moment. Anyhow ridiculous that sounded, I was going to check it out.

  "I will give you the last chance. Bring them to the Main Hall, but if it was only a misinformation, you will be executed." I threatened him. With obvious horror in his eyes, he ran toward the Kremlin.

  I stayed at the moment, at Red Square, asking myself, why a bunch of horses could be the danger for the Soviet Union. I could understand the Romanov family, white movement, Nazis, even Trotzky, but ponies? That was preposterous. Wait.... Maybe there was another option. Maybe Kaganovich is preparing ruse, to take over the power in the Soviet Union. That's it! There are no ponies, only Kaganovich preparing overthrow. I assembled a group of Red Guards, a separate Moscow Militia, and I went with them to the Kremlin. I opened the door to the Main Hall with a kick. for the command, the Guardsmen aimed ahead.

  "Comrade Lazarus Kaganovich, in the name of Soviet Union, you're arrested for the treason of state, give up for your own good or... What the actual fuck......"

  He wasn't lying, I saw 7 colored horses surrounded by NKVD officers, aiming at them. 2 of them were a pegasus, 3 other were somewhat normal, 2 others were unicorns, no wait, there was the unicorn with wings. How do Latins call them? Alicorns? Probably yes. Whole analysis was interrupted by this one alicorn.

  "Excuse me, sir? I guess you're in control here, could you explain why we were locked in the dungeon of this weird palace? Pretty please?" She smiled shyly.

  "What..... Did that animal just said something to me?" I was total dismayed

  "Yes, Comrade Stalin." He was as surprised as me. "We have 7 talking ponies, 6 mares and one stallion."

  "Well, Lazarus, I turn honor. This is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen and I must admit, I live a little long." I turned to the commander of the NKVD. "Comrade Lieutenant, what procedure would you recommend for our guests?"

  "Immediate execution Comrade President." He said, standing at attention.

  "In the name of... are you serious?! This bunch of colorful ponies doesn't pose any threat to the Soviet Union, shooting them would be just wasting ammunition. These are just ordinary animals. Lower your weapon!" Like one man, all the NKVD left the rifles by putting them at their feet.

  "WE ARE NOT JUST ORDINARY AN ANIMALS!" The blue pegasus flew in front of my face. Lavender was frightened, did not know how to react. Pegasus began to wave his front hooves, just before my face. "Call us once more to kick you in the face. And stop using that language."

  "What's up pony, are you trying to scare me?" I turned to her with contempt. After a moment my voice became cold. "You have no idea who you are dealing with. I am more powerful than you may think. I can order these people to pierce you like a sieve."

  "I don't care." She wasn't so easy to scare. "I've seen more scary creatures in my life than people. Anyway, for friends, I will do everything."

  "All right ... SOLDIERS! AIM....." They raised their rifles and aimed at the blue. Scared, she quickly returned to the group. The initiative has taken over the lavender.

  "Rainbow let me talk to him." She wasn't pleased.

  "I have to admit that you have a  habit of naming each another. It's good to know that your "culture" has decided that you have to give it. I am waiting. Introduce yourself."

  "I'm Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of friendship..."

  "Blyad, another royal..." I groaned.

  "... and these are my friends. Pegasus who flew to you is Rainbow Dash, this orange one standing on the hind legs and swinging the hooves, is Applejack, a mare with pinkish flattened hair is Pinkie Pie, a stallion is Flicker, and Rarity is hugging Fluttershy. I think is your turn, mister."

  "I'm Joseph Stalin, President of Soviet Union, Secretary-General of Bolshevik Party, Chief of the State, Supreme Commander of Red Army People Commissar of Defense of USSR, and Supreme Bolshevik."

  "So, you're some kind of king, pardner?" Applejack asked.

  "Don't tell me about any representatives of the monarchy!" I strained.

  "Whoa pardner, easy there."

  "But why do you so hate them so much? What's wrong with them?" Twilight began to feel uncertain.

  "They're feeding on work of the simple folks. They don't care about them, millions of them could die, but baron wouldn't even notice it. You know what happened to the last Emperor of Russia Nicholas II Romanov? I ordered to kill him, him and his family. In the time of Civil War, as general, I chased every duke, every noble, living on the Russian soil. And guess what? I killed nearly all of them. Every man who supported the monarchy or the old order was executed by NKVD, Cheka or ended in labor camps dying from cold and grogginess."

  "Why are you doing this? How can you be so ruthless? You have no conscience, no empathy..." That was the first time when I heard the Fluttershy's voice. Her tiny voice faltered, she was close to tears. I don't know why but I felt wrong. I was ruthless Bolshevik Bear, I shouldn't feel stings of remorse.

  "I did everything for the good of the country," I explained. "And I don't need an empathy while I have an unlimited power."

  "But killing your own nationals? Why deserve such a fate?" Fluttershy asked me again. She was already crying.

  "They weren't my nationals, they were the tools of revolution. As Lenin."

  "And what happened to Lenin?" Twilight tried don't cry.

  "I killed him, he wasn't useful anymore. He was the only obstacle in the way to power. As the Romanov family."

  After this words, all of these 6 mares, was clung to each other, scared and crying. The thought, they will be executed too, because I didn't need them. The were wrong. Only this mysterious stallion showed no dread, I would even say that he looked at everything with indifference. He looked at me with his amber eyes.

  "Hello, Stalin. I see that you have changed a lot since our last meeting. As I presume, you don't remember me at all, do you?" He spoke in a quiet, deep baritone.

  "Do you want to say that we met once?" I asked surprised.

  "Of course, we met during the Battle of Tannenberg. Kaiser's army crushed you, you lost 125,000 people."

  I wondered a moment, trying to pull out from my memory if really, such a meeting took place. After a moment it illuminated me. He was right!

  "Yes, you are right! I was then a lieutenant general, you saved my life then, I later saved your life too. Now I understand how miraculously I survived."

  "Good to know that you remember all, comrade." He blinked to me. "You're not going to scare these mares anymore?"

  "I'm not going to. I swear ..." I spoke to the mares."  ... that nothing will happen to you. But I have a warning for you, you should not use any noble titles. All the more talk."

  "Okay, we will not use them." But why? Twilight wiped away tears.

  "I'm not the only person who hates the aristocracy. In the days of the Great War, nobles were mostly officers, sitting safely in the bars when simple men fought and died in their trenches."

  "I do not understand why you have such a bloody story." Twilight became confident. "Legends said you were a civilized race."

  "Because we are." I replied. "The problem lies elsewhere. Homo sapiens, or man, is a predator."

  "What?" She shook her head with a smile of disbelief. "How can you be predators without fangs or claws?"

  "Evolutionally, we have never developed claws. We had fangs longer, but the real predator is here." I touched my temple. "Tell me Twilight. Do you know a species that has conquered the whole world?"

  "No." She was thinking for a while. "The ponies occupied only two continents, but our states were quite small."

  "You see we have succeeded. The whole planet belongs to us. Predators are very expansive, and as you can see we are fucking effective."

  "Do you have to curse?" Twilight winced.

  "Forgive me, old habits from the time of the service. Anyway." I pointed at my people. "It doesn't bother them"

  "At the end, why are you running so many bloody wars?"

  "The reasons are always the same, money, resources, territory and population. Propaganda takes care of the rest."

  Pinkie added to the conversation three pennies.

  "I feel, Lyra after seeing what's going on here, would lose all her love to people." She said with a sad smile.

  "I don't doubt it Pinkie." Twilight hugged her friend.

  "Wait a second. How many ponies are living in your states?" I was surprised. If a colorful wave of talking horses were to flood the Earth, I wanted to know how big that wave could be.

  "About a hundred thousand. There are also zebras, donkeys, mules, dragons, griffins, and many creatures that you would consider mythical." Behind me, I felt a flash of light combined with a breeze, and the voice I heard was royal while at the same time was full of kindness and care. I turned my face away. When the portal closed, I saw a white alicorn with rainbow hair, tall as me. "Hello. I am Celestia Brightmist, Queen of United Equestria, Mother of the Day and Sun Shield, also called Allmother."

  "Your Highness!" There was joy in the ponies face, even Flick, not speaking at all, smiled to the new alicorn.

  "Greetings my. Subjects." She said as if she was seeing an old friend. She turned to me. "What is your name, sir?"

  "Fucking hell, it's not really my day ...." At that moment I was able to say only those words. NKVD did not intend to wait. Quickly recovered from the shock and aimed at Celestia. This gesture surprised the queen, she retreated slightly.

  "LOWER!!!! THE!!! GUN!!!!" I shouted to them. "Did I say, aim at the white, weird, winged-unicorn horse?! NO! You do that again, and I will send to Vorkutlag!!"

  This worked, the NKVD lowered the gun, with same frighten faces as the ponies at the first time. What was Vorkuta? The worst Gulag camp in the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands of people die here, political prisoners, Whites, traitors, opponents of communist rule, and a lot of innocent people.

  "Listen to me, idiots. You're useless now. I can handle them myself." I drawled out. "March off!"

  "Yes, Generalissimus President!" After this words, they walked out as one man, in three.

  "Blyad, this is the worst day of my life." Kaganovich stood by the wall, not knowing what to say. I let him know by hand that he would not say anything at all. Inside, I was boiling from anger.

  "Maybe you should rest. This amount of anger isn't good for anyone." White alicorn leaned toward me, speaking with care in her voice."

  "Close your mouth and don't say anything," I growled. Celestia withdrew again, but this time with anger on her face. The rest of the ponies were surprised at how I spoke to their ruler.

  "Mr. Stalin, please remember, you are speaking to the queen." She answered with confidence.

  "Exactly. You are one of those people, who don't care about a simple folks. You drink the juices of their hard work, and when someone tries to change your world for the better, you're getting rid of him, so that he doesn't disturb the order you set."

  "How dare you say that?! I would never lead a despotic rule over my subjects." She replied insulted, wanting to defend her subjects. "What is your right to tell such a things?"

  "Don't you understand it, mare?" I answered with a sadistic smile. "I have total control, we have just destroyed a whole group of German armies. And remember not to call me a mister, only a comrade, or Generalissimus." I pulled out of the whiskey from the bar, unscrewing the cork, and took a deep sip. The fiery water burned out my esophagus, but at the same time, it brightened my mind. I calmed slightly. I found a glass and poured myself a drink. I ordered the rest to go to the side hall, there we sat around the table, Kaganovich sat on my right, Celestia on my left. I ordered to bring something to drink, Celestia asked for a glass of wine, rest asked for a water. Kaganovich was satisfied with polish rye, Flick preferred the same as me. After tasting I started. "If we are all here, I could finally hear why you are here? Don't worry, I'm calmer."

  Celestia asked for a sip of whiskey. Lack of magic in our world surprised her very much, so I had to help her. It was clear that it was not the alcohol she used to drink, her face twisted in the grimace of disgust. She coughed several times.

  "How can you drink this dross?" She drank two glasses of water, when it didn't help she threw her tongue, trying to get rid of the ugly taste.

  "Nobody who I met didn't complain," I answered stunned. "I haven't seen a horse that has ever drunk alcohol. You aren't used to drinking stronger alcohols. In human culture alcohol consumption during festive occasions is a tradition. Do not complain, it's not so bad."

  "I guess I'll stay by the wine." The Queen of Equestria bent her mouth. Taking a sip, her condition improved significantly. "Well, Comrade Stalin. As the head of state, you deserve for some explanations as to why we violate the order of your country. Well, our world is dying. Elements of Harmony, the only artifacts that have kept the world from extermination, disappeared, in your world. I won't present the details of its death without resentment now, but I can't trust you in your present behavior. The key is that Flicker assured me that, despite all of this, we can trust you in terms of providing safety to my people. Can I rely on you?"

  The whole vision of the alliance with the ponies was really bizarre. But with some benefits, these little creatures possessed a powerful magic that would help us defeat the Axis. If I could actually help Celestia, I would get a mighty ally.

  "Celestia. You have my word that I will protect your people, and I will find Elements." I answered with a smile. "If I have to, I will bring your whole country to this land."

  "Thank you." She answered with relief. Thanks to my assurances, she knew that she could count on me to save her world from extinction. It was clear that there was another question on her mind. I gave her a sign to ask without being embarrassed.

  "You say that the first intelligent pony you've met in your life was Flick. Will not be a problem if I ask how this meeting happened?"

  "U menya net nikakich problem. It all started near Tannenberg, a Polish countryside near Grunwald...."

                                                                                                          End of Chapter I

Chapter I - Unexpected guests
The first chapter of fanfic collaboration with
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Stalin belong to Earth history.
Stalin's voice:…

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    "And that's the end of the story. Thanks to the Hecate, I've become the Übermensch, and at the end of the war, I've become the general of the branch. I was one the most important officers in Red Army in a time of the Civil War, I was always asking myself, why I wasn't dying in tough battles, but now I understand everything."

   "I've met the humans once, in the time of my youthfulness." White alicorn started, looking at me. Her voice was reflective, there was also a note of bitterness. "You were always more advanced than us, lack of magic forced you to search new ways of solving a problems. Your science and technology helped you a lot, but also," She looked at me with contempt. "turned you into ruthless monsters, who were killing each other. I came to your world as a young mare with my husband, in the period of your history, called the Middle Ages. This, as I thought, adventure turned into a complete disaster. We were attacked by a group of bandits, who almost killed us. I've never returned to this world. So I'm asking you, as a representative of this species, why are you so savage?" She expected the fast answer, her eyes shone with fury.

    "You had a husband?!" Twilight never heard of the past of her mentor. Until now.
    "Of course my faithful student." She changed her moon in one moment. She was always kind and motherly to her subjects, but to the other species, she was more restrain. "Your friend, Sunset Shimmer is my daughter."

    Her revelation caused a lively discussion between ponies. All of them were enormous astonished. They thought, their ruler never had never fallen in love, especially gave birth to the children. They were talking by minutes, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie were talking with Celestia, how she met her husband and when this Sunset Shimmer was born, Applejack and Rainbow Dash congratulated Twilight of reforming the daughter of their mentor and forging a great friendship between these two. The were acting like they forgot about mentioned progressive destruction of their world.

    Two of us, I and Kaganovich were waiting, this speech made us confused, we didn't understand why they decided to talk right now. I looked at Flick, expecting the answer, but he only lifted his hooves, don't understanding the whole situation too. Kaganovich asked me if he could come out. After the short reflection, I let him do it, but instead of staying here I came out with him. We stayed outside the doors, planning the next moves. We've established, ponies will be protected, throughout their stay, while keeping them from engaging in politics. Kaganovich mentioned, Kalinn is coming back from the United States today, and he will land at the Vnukovo Airport. I ordered him to bring the Kalinin to the Kremlin, and assure him the safety. We shaked our hands, and after thid action, Kaganovich left the Kremlin. I returned to the room, ponies were still talking, expect Flick. He wasn't interested in this discussion he was even falling asleep.

    "Ladies! And, Flick." All of them looked at me. " I don't want to interrupt you this - no doubt - interesting conversation. But your ruler asked me a question. Twilight, you, my dear, interrupted my response. I'm not better in Savoir-Vivre than you, but you, as the royal, should represent some level of the manners."

    "Sorry Comrade Stalin, I was just too surprised. I never thought, Celestia has a daughter. Whole nation thought, alicorns are sterile, they aren't able to give a birth to a child. I will let you talk, but at last." She looked at her mentor. "could we find out, who is the father of the Sunset?"

    "Sorry my dear." On the cheek of the Mother of Son, a simple tear has appeared. "It's too hard even for me. I want to keep it as a secret."

    "As you wish, your highness." Little alicorn hugged the older one. Surprised, Celestia wiped her tear, and embraced her former student with her hoof. Between those two, a strong feeling has been created. It wasn't only relation like between teacher and the student, or between two friends. It was a relaton between daughter and mother.

    "Judging from the saying of my subjects, noble titles are forbidden, as a symbols of the old world. I've heard, you killed a lot of aristocrats, and you threatened them," she pointed at the mares. "shouting and them".

    "Yeah.... Let me explain everything. I admit. I killed a lot of aristocrats and shouted at your subjects. But these facts aren't connected at all. Your, as I presume, closest friend didn't tell you, the great landowners of this country treated serving peasants like slaves. You should know what the slavery is. At the time of the Great War the biggest part of the cadre, was the aristocrats. I was the one of the few exception. Officers' academies, choosing their student always preferred aristocrats sons than these one borned in the lower class. Everything because of the money. When simple folks were dying in the trenches of the Great War, officers safe in their headquarters, sent to death thousands of men. I was an officer too, but in contrast to other high officers, I stayed in trench with my soldiers. Because of the simple duty. And about shouting at the mares, I was just too restive, I hadn't sleep by a 2 weeks, and I was still nervous about Germans offensive."

    "How many people died in this Great War? I don't think, the Great War was so brutal, as you think."

    "I ensure you it was. 14 milion of people died in this conflict."

    "My godness....." Eyes of the oldest alicorn, became glassy from the tears. She never heard such cruelty and hatred in one nation. "[u]How could you force this amount of people die in this preposterous conflict? Why are you waging a wars so brutal? I thought, thorugh the ages you became more civilized than before.[/u]

    "Easy Allmother. Remember who's in charge here. I explained it later to your subjects. Human is a predator. Without fangs, claws, but with mind of a predator. We're expansive, we've conquered the whole world. Reason of every war is always the same, money, territory and population. Propaganda deals with the rest. Our predatory instincts were improved by newest technology. With every next century, amount of killed people were increasing. Great War was the apogeum of the genocide. Military tactics weren't adapted to the newest technological solutions. So war which had to end all wars, turned into enormous slaughter and prelude to the new war."

    "I never thought, there are creatures worse than griffons. If you're right, officers from the time of the Great and Civil War were even worse than Sombra."

    "And who is this, Sombra?" She didn't saw that, but I was playing with her. I wanted to pull out every information from her.

    "He was. He was a powerful unicorn, a lord of the Steel Kingdom, and the commander of the Royal Guards in the Heroes Age. Due to some events he became a monster, he killed my sister and conquered the Crystal Empire naming himself a new basileus. He was a tyrant, he enslaved all crystal ponies. If someone critisized his opinion could be locked in sows or sent to the crystal mines on the cold north. We defeated him, twice, first time, a thousand years before, and second time, 5 years ago, thanks to my niece, and my student" She pointed at Twilight.

    "Very interesting story." I smiled to her friendly. "However, Red Army would deal with him, despite his powerful magic skills."

    "No human would defeat Sombra. Trust me, he was too powerful." White alicorn tried to convince me.

    "Never underestimate the power of the common folks, Celestia. Remember, before the Soviet Union, Russia was an empire, we overthrown the last Russian emperor. He wasn't so powerful as Sombra, hovewer he was very influential. An October Revolution, after overthorw of the emperor, led to the Civil War between us and whites, an imperialistic reactionaries. As you see, we won this war. And now, I'm most powerful man in this country, a head of state."

    "And what about you, comrade president Joseph Stalin?" Twilight looked at me researchingly. "Why you let us, keep the old titles. If your hatred to the monarchy is so big? I saw something in your eyes. When were talking about Sombra, I saw a gleam in your eye, like you felt some connection with our old tyrant."

    "Yeah, it's funny, because I am about 1000 times worse than Sombra. Tell me Twilight, how many people does Sombra killed? I'm talking about his subjects no victims of wars."

    "It's weird, but he didn't kill anyone. Why are you asking that?" I heard a note of uncertainty in lavenders voice. Like feeling what can come next, Celestia hugged Twilight.

    "It's my mystery, I will tell you later. It should be enough to you, that I killed a lot of people. I won't tell you how many, but their death was important for the revolution. What about the Soviet Union, this country is ruled in way, which would be called a dictatorship. And believe, there is no other way, to rule this country than in dictatorship way. I know it's hard for you, you've nver saw such a cruelty, but I promise, a politics of my country won't affect you."

    I was asking myself, should I tell them about my politics of massive terror. Part of my mind was telling me, I should be honest with them, however, this explanations had to end a willingness to leave this place, from the ponies side. I would alienate them to me, and loose a powerful ally.

    Suddenly I reminded myself, the creature locked in Kremlins dungeons, fits the Celestia's description. 1.85 meters tall unicorn, with a red horn. Only two persons knew about him, Nikolai Yezhow, after his death Beria and I. He never spoke anything, but I felt he is somewhat special. I was torturing him personally, to force him to speak. Last time, I saw him a month ago. After finishing the tortures, I bandaged his wounds. I wasn't afraid, he's going to hurt me. When our glances crossed, in his red old eyes, I saw hatred, pride, pain, royalty and fatigue. He saw the same thing in my eyes, we were similar to each other. Beria brought him a horse food, taken from the cavalrymen. He looked at it with disgust, but after a short reflection, he started to eat it. We left the cell, leaving Sombra inside, he didn't say anything and was looking at me with the same expression. "I hope as a potentially sapient creature, you will show your uniqueness," I spoke to him. I never visited him again, only Beria took care of him. I've heard once, he was fatally injured, I ticked off him for that. He promised, he will never hurt him again, but I felt he's going to break this promise.

    I wanted to tell Celestia, her biggest enemy is still alive and locked in the dungeons, but in the same moments, Beria entered with the mysterious woman. She was dressed up in Red Army uniform with starshina insignias. I never saw her before, in contrast to Flick. When Beria saw the ponies, he turned into a pillar of salt. I walked to him, comforting him, and introduced him to the ponies.

    "Dear ponies, this is tovarishch Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, People Commissar of the Internal Affairs, he is responsible for safety in the Soviet Union. He was appointed after the tragic death of Nikolay Yezhow, the previous Commissar. And if you're curious what is the people commissar, it's an equivalent of the minister. For example, as a People Commissar of the Defense of the USSR, I supervise the army." I spoke to the Beria. "Come on tovarishch Lavrentiy, why aren't you saying anything."

    "Hello, comrade Beria." Pinkie spoke with the smile.

    "Es ts’khenebi, amboben..... Rogor? (These ponies are talking.... How?)" He was speaking in georgian. It seemed, he forgot how to speak russian for a moment, because of shock.

    "Beria.... Speak russian damn it..." I lectured him. Thanks to my words, he woke up from a shock.

    "Sorry comrade Joseph Vissarionovich. I never expected that sapient, talking and colorful creatures exists. But it's not the reason, why I came here. This woman," He pointed at starshina. "Had very important information for you. Her name is Alexandra Wasilevna."

    The mysterious woman sat on the Kaganovich's chair. She had long, black hair, and amber eyes. Her skin was pale, she had red painted lips, and scar by her left eye. She was well-built, even athletic. She was wearing an olive jacket, black trousers, black gloves and black leather coat.

    "Good morning tovarishch Generalissimus." She spoke the alto. For a second, my heart stopped beating. I knew that voice.


End of the Part I



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